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   Putting on your own Giveaway Event

Organizing your own Giveaway Event
When you run your own event you build your list of members and contributors. Click to see Video: 
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What is a JV Giveaway Event?

The term JV stands for Joint Venture which means that 2 or more marketers join up with the goal to increase their return of investment. In terms of internet marketing this means that many marketers come together and each of them gives a downloadable product away for free. These can be ebooks, software, graphics or whatever benefits the visitors of the giveaway event.
At a giveaway event marketers, also called contributors, sign up for free to list their free ebook inside the members area. This mostly happens when the even is in the pre-launch phase. Once the event launches, members can sign up and download the different free offers... but not instantly... they have to sign up for each product that they want to access. This way the contributor gets the name and email address from a member and has the person on his opt-in list.

What is a JV Giveaway Script?

A JV Giveaway Script is a software that manages the giveaway event. It has the ability to gather signups like a membership site and it can list the free products spread over several pages. A good jv giveaway script has many more features built in like one time-offers, upgrade offers, Downline builder, ranking system and many more. A jv giveaway script is needed to run a giveaway event. Your joint venture partners will promote the giveaway event and sign up thousands of members. This can only be handled with a special software, a jv giveaway script.
Platinum Membership with Personal Coaching Program!

When you join our Platinum Membership with Personal Coach Program we are personal coaching you step by step all the way to succeed online with your business. You'll also can show all the "How To Video's" and learn step by step what we teach you via our "conference" software program. You'll get A huge collection of premium quality level eBooks, software, audio, video, templates, niche products, original content and marketing materials worth thousands of dollars. Double your earning potential by selling the products AND THE RIGHTS to your customers.You also entitled to organize your own Giveaway event to build you a huge list of subscribers every three months. We will organize it for you and host it on our server. We also design all the images and pages for you and guide and teach you how to do it step by step. We also teach you how to promote and advertise your event's. We also design you a logo and 3 flash banners every three months for Free. We also announce your event, if you organize one, in our Giveaway Directory.
You can sign up here:  Platinum Membership

What We Do
  • Install the script
  • Design the Graphics
  • Host the Event on 
    our Server
  • Build all the pages
  • Approve all the Gifts
  • Handle all the support
  • Advertise for you
  • Work with you from start
       to finish
    Benefits of Having
    your own Event 
    • Building a list
    • Selling upgrades
    • Selling products
    • Making new Contacts
    • Branding your Name
    If you want to have a Giveaway Event to build your list this is the way to go. 
    Ok now that you have seen what we can do for you I am sure you want to know how much we charge for this service. Well to be honest we have been selling this for $200.00 for some time now, but we are running a super special for you right now - 25% and we can promise you that it will not last very long.

    As a matter of fact we will only take on ten orders at this price so if you want to run your own event now is the time to get it. Once you make the purchase we will contact you via your Paypal email address to let you know all the details and get you started on your way to having your own event.
    Note: due to the nature of these types of orders, there are absolutely no refunds of any kind.

    How we do it
    Installing the Script  Day 1
    Designing Graphics  Day 2
    Designing Pages   Day 3-5

    Making Banners       Day 6
    Making Promo mails Day 6
    Setting up ARP         Day 7

      Joining and Testing  Day 8
      Ready to Launch      Day 9

       When you want to build
       your list fast, that is the
       only way to do it.
    As well as running your
    own giveaway events
    you should be taking
    part in other giveaways
    as a contributor to really
    benefit from these list building opportunities,
    BUT if you don’t currently have a list of your own
    to promote to, then it’s
    not a great idea to be
    paying for the upgrades
    just yet, because you
    will only get downgraded
    for no promotion and
    waste your money.
    However, there are two ways around this:

    #1- Host your own giveaway first. This will build your list instantly so you can then participate in other giveaway events, as an upgraded contributor, knowing you won’t waste your money and once you have a list of your own you are sure to make referrals.

    #2 – Get a friend to join the event via your referral link.


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