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Giveaways can earn you money
Earn Money By Joining A JV Giveaway Event
A JV Giveaway event is more than just downloading free products; it is also a way to earn money - fast and easy!
When you create a free membership, you'll automatically receive a personal affiliate link. All you need to do is send out this link to invite others to join the event and get all the valuable freebies inside. People will love you for it, and they’ll be standing in line, waiting to sign up under you.
And that’s when it happens… When one of these people who sign up through your link decide to upgrade his/her account or to purchase one of the special offers that are presented after login, you will earn 50% affiliate commissions. Simple as can be.

Giveaways to build your list

Use JV Giveaways To Build Your List
If you really want to profit from JV Giveaway events, you need to sign up as a JV Partner and contribute a gift: JV Giveaways give you the opportunity to build your mailing list at warp speed!
How Does It Work
During pre-launch, you can create a free contributor account and add your gift to the list. Later, when the event opens for members, loads of visitors will go through that list of gifts, selecting the ones they like. However, before they can download your gift, they need to subscribe to your mailing list...
If you play it smart, you'll build yourself a list for life...



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